Sunday, 7 May 2017

DEATH'S FOOTPRINT (Book 2 in a Blair & Piermont Crime Thriller Series)

What’s your life worth? If the price isn’t right….You die!

They call him Dr. Death. Not a surprise. Lucas Stride’s Death's Reality lectures promote humanitarian actions since one never knows when the Grim Reaper will come for you.
The professor receives a threat. He must assign a cash value to his life. If the author of the extortion demand isn’t satisfied with the dollar amount, Lucas dies.
Toronto cop, Jordan Blair, arrives for a tryst with private investigator, Darcy Piermont. As a first-time visitor to Quebec City, sightseeing, fine dining, and blissful hours in Darcy’s bed are her priorities. Plans derail after Darcy is asked to locate a family friend, missing after his class tour of the morgue. In the search for the professor, Jordan and Darcy uncover a series of crimes that conclude with the reality of — death.

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